Armitage Tourny

Castle Amber - Part 3

The next morning, the adventurers opened the door into the castle’s south wing, finding themselves in the ever so aptly named mud room; an ensuing fight split the party, and the castle’s defenses found it pertinent to lock the door between them.

Karamel, , and * were locked in the south wing, and proceeded to explore around, encountering first the Amber Library, and then the study, with Charles Amber, who informed them that Stephen was likely in France. They backtracked, and sallied forth up the mud room’s stairs, lacking any other avenue, and found themselves in the grand dining hall, where they were offered a seat, but refused. Moving through the residence halls revealed the Masteer Bedroom, which contained the riddle “Find that which ends the day, bound up in bovine shell, with it thou shalt find the way, to leave this forsaken hell.”

They finished exploring the various room of the upper floor of the south wing, and returned to the library, finding “The Setting Sun” in the novels section. Pulling the book seems to have opened a secret staircase to the basement, but the door at the bottom was still locked.

Carrath, Drunkard, Spaz and [*] doubled back through the Park, encountering a hunting party – which they dispatched skillfully – and found their way back in the north wing, where they scouted around, and found out that the stairway door, which was previously locked, was now open. In an attempt to uncover the secrets of the previously sealed section, they entered the main greenhouse, now withering away without Stephen’s magic to upkeep it, and were attacked by plants. They fought off the leafy attackers and found a switch, which opened the backup greenhouse, where they were nearly put down by a horde of verdant monstrosities, but emerged triumphant; as they poked around the shed, they found yet another switch, this one opening the third door in the landing.

Castle Amber - Part 2

A quickly-dispatched pair of haunted skeletons attempted to attack our intrepid adventurers, to little avail. Once the danger was supressed, they searched through the barroom, finding a pair of fresh party members, Karamel and [[*]] in the icebox.

The newly augmented party ventured out into a patio, where the image of Stephen Amber told them that he was hidden away, dying, and that they had been scooped up by the castle in an attempt to bring him aide. He also warned that he didn’t know who his assailant was, so the party wasn’t to trust anyone, and that the castle would be actively trying to kill anyone within it’s walls.

They proceeded on to the grand hall, where an Rabbitine seemed to be refereeing a boxing match between a pair of monsters, while a number of scry-eyes watched. The group struck a bet for passage through a guarded door, putting the life of a party member on the line, and won their challenge, allowing them through, into the Park.

Once in the Park, they encountered Annaline Amber, who led them to the Amber Castle Chapel, where they met Lucas Amber. He turned Spaz to stone, and attempted to kill Karamel, invoking the wrath of the party, leading to his seeming demise.

After departing the Chapel, they made their way to the far end of the park, and were accosted by velociraptors, and were aided by the sudden appearance of Chai Ti.

Castle Amber - Part 1

Having passed through a village, hearing tales of angels kidnapping local folk and attacking farms, the group was set upon by a group of demons, seemingly intent on freeing their charge. After successfully repelling the beasts, they continued travelling, only to be set upon again by more powerful foes. During this fight they were joined by Carrath, the Mage and emerged victorious, after which a mysterious mist covered the campsite, and teleported them into the foyer of a magical castle, seemingly displaced from the rest of time-space.

They proceeded to explore the castle, first encountering what appeared to be a trophy room filled with possessed weapons, then into a stable full of Avigioniese Land Crabs. After more exploration, they found a possessed, booby-trapped bar.

The Adventure Begins

The group convened in the city of Armitage, after making their way across the world from their duty posts, and took part in the Tourny Opening Ceremonies. King Eogan – noted for being one of the most vociferous supporters of the Armitage Treaty – was markedly absent from the ceremony; rumors were abound that he’s been out of touch with the world for a number of weeks. During the ceremony, an assassin – unidentified before the group departed – made an attempt at a tournament official’s life; the group acted quickly, disabling the assailant and preventing him from taking a cyanide capsule.

After the ceremonies, the group was assigned the job of transporting a demon to Hellspike Prison, where he would be put into the hands of the sentry angels. Along the road outside of the city, they were challenged by the Onieth United team and won.


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