Zarzuket (Spaz)

Gnome who likes Fire and to blow things up...even if it is himself...


Hard times are brewing. Even if Zarzuket is brewing it himself. Though he is what he is today, he tried to be something other then what he it. As a younger Gnome, he wanted to be a Wizard, a wixard of great power. But he couldn’t control it. But he was better at one thing then his fellows. and that was potion making. He was very good at it, all his teachers were happy with his work, and would give him high sayings…if some could talk anymore. So many accidents happened. With his potion making he made bombs. It helped in his practice, but sometimes, he would fail to relize that when his teachers said test it now, they ment go outside and test it. So many accidents happened. But all that changed one day when a Representative of the Farstrider Foundation came to his home town looking for people to take under thier wing. The town was so happy when he agreed to take in Zarzuket. The representative saw him as a well placed Gnome who was fine at what he did. And from that day, Zarzuket was now a Alchemist of the Farstrider Foundation. Also that was the beginning of alot of repair bills. So many buildings burned down when he and another alchemist got in an argument. They also went to medical wards. Still haven’t heard from those that went…or if they are still even there…might send a gift for them…

See the world as a good place with the help of his potions and his bombs

Fire, his partners, mysteries, and fire…

Zarzuket (Spaz)

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