Great Guild

Called High Guilds or Grand Guilds, these 15 entities control almost all trade, industry, and commerce in the Known World by advent of having existed for hundreds (in some cases, thousands) of years, possessing great vaults full of treasure and secrets and holding contracts in every major territory. The Great Guilds are thought by many to hold more sway in their territories than the sovereigns of the lands in which they operate – rightfully so, in some cases – and as such are often in deep, yet polite, rivalries with local royals; this was the basis of the Heldan War, where the Guilds used nations and city-states as pieces in their own higher game of conflict after Odrichus Heldan, of Selway-Heldan Barristers Guild, sent the dwarves of Ironhold to war against a low guild in Sima.

Great Guilds:


  • One should be wary before agitating a high-ranking member of a Great Guild – they are not above participating in police corruption, or paying off some local thugs to take care of you.
  • As a member of the Armitage Tourny, they will do anything in their power to eliminate you as competition to their team; if they suspect that they can do so, they might disguise themselves and set you to some impossible – and probably trapped – mission.

Great Guild

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